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Pregnancy Yoga & Meditation for Partners who like to Play




PARTNERS AT OM™ Birth Prep Intensive

Learn more about the stages of labor and anatomy, hands on techniques, comfort measures, and hospital procedures in the PARTNERS AT OM™ Birth Prep Intensive, a two day course! There is also a one day PARTNERS AT OM™ Birth Prep course covering anatomy and stages of birth, hands on techniques, and comfort measures. Click on a session to register.

Two Saturday Sessions (4 hours each) – $325/couple

New sessions coming soon!


One Saturday session (4 hours) – $225/couple

Saturday, July 21 from 2:30pm-6:30pm 



PARTNERS AT OM™ Yoga Date Group Session

Join us for a special Yoga Date Night with your pregnant partner! We will move, breathe, and practice a specialized, playful partner yoga sequence for healthy pregnancy and labor. This is an ALL LEVELS class that is beginner friendly. Partners will feel a deeper connection to each other and their baby through slow flow yoga, guided meditations, and breathing techniques for labor. Enjoy this PARTNERS AT OM™ with your partner or bring a special friend! Get to know other fun pregnant couples in your community, as you open this exciting new chapter together. Click on a session to register.

One Saturday Session (2 hours) – $70/couple

Don’t worry; Yoga Date Group is for all levels and beginner friendly! 

Saturday, August 18 from 4:30pm-6:30pm 








 **Testimonials from past participants**

“We loved the [PARTNERS AT OM]! It is so hard to find activities that bring us close together while also helping us visualize and practice for the special day of the birth of our baby. After the [PARTNERS AT OM], both Shea and I felt ready, more confident and definitely more prepared for the big day. Your instructions were clear, hands on and very specific to what a pregnant body needs. We appreciate you and have recommended this and your previous workshop on the Rebozo techniques to our friends who are also expecting. Last but not least, having the live music accompaniment was truly magical! What a treat!” Pavlina, Oct. 2015
“The [PARTNERS AT OM] was great, what a fun way to connect with my partner! We both commented on how nice it was to be silly with each other, we’ve both been so bogged down with work and baby planning stuff, that it was a much welcome day off :)” Erika, Sept. 2015
“The [PARTNERS AT OM] class was great! :))) Please keep me posted if you do a third different class next month, Mark and I would be very interested in taking! Looking forward to the next one.” Lisa, Sept. 2015

“Thank you for a great class!” Jasmine, Sept. 2015


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