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Keya teaches yoga to various  youth groups throughout the Los Angeles area and often works with a non-profit organization called Yoga for Youth. Please take a peek at this 3 Minute Video  highlighting the wonderful work being done with underserved youth here in Los Angeles!  There are clips of my classes and interviews with my students at Thomas Riley Highschool (located in Watts).

 Bridging the gap to our youth 

Having taught “at-risk” youth ages 6 to 18 for the past 11 years, I’ve experienced how traditional healing modalities like yoga, dance and martial arts fused with healthy living, music, culture, language, and creative artistic expression effectively bridge the gap to our youth.

Witnessing youth go from hesitant curiosity to vibrant exploration of their bodies and minds has been tremendously healing for both the practitioner and the recipient!

Each session with these brilliant young minds confirms that we are truly the ones who are “at risk” when we turn our backs on these potential physicists, astronomers, architects, holistic doctors, humanitarians, teachers, musicians, and healers of our planet.

Our research has shown the importance of consistent interaction (planting the seeds) 1-2 times a week with a committed holistic teacher/guide can creatively inspire, educate and empower our youth on their most precious asset- their physical and emotional well being.(for at least 1 year but preferably throughout the entirety of their most vulnerable pre-teen and teenage years) Using creative yoga sessions to dynamically move them in their bodies featuring a yoga-dance-fusion style that exposes them to music (language) they are familiar with like hip-hop, along with more refined forms of music that carry strong positive messages for their sensitive absorbent minds.

Also featured within these sessions are healthy food tips and demonstrations, cultural immersions, language exploration, and creative journaling for both student and practitioner.

These journals could later be used as a way to collect quantifiable data of how this program has a positively affected each students physical and emotional growth. We know that emotional intelligence along with physical stamina contribute greatly to oneʼ self esteem and ultimate contribution to society at large. Yoga is a 5,000 year old science that works to develop strong mind/body awareness through specific “asana” or poses that develop physical strength and emotional balance.

Yoga has become a staple among professional athletes such as the LA Lakers and San Antonio Spurs, along with many Olympic Gold Medalists. Many private and charter schools are utilizing well designed Yoga Programs that count as P.E. and health education credits, along with humanities and culture electives.

Twenty years ago neighborhood kids spent hours outside at play together with sports like skating, bicycling, tag football, baseball, kickball, tag, dodge ball and hop-Scotch to name a few. Our newest generation of children are growing up in the information age of computers, TV and fast-food – all isolated activities that donʼ engage the entire family or neighborhood. Households often times have more individual TV sets than books.
Books feed the imagination and engage the intellect while the majority of TV shows are numbing distractions that sedate and stifle our childrenʼ capacity for greatness. Parents now have much longer workdays resulting in much longer school days for our children. Our parents are generally over worked, stressed, and neglectful at home, while our schools focus on high test scores and text book knowledge.
While both financial security and mental prowess are important factors to consider in any home and school environment, they must be in balance with physical healthy lifestyle and enrichment activities. (as described above)

Both parents and educators spend hours pointing the finger at each other to blame for our childrenʼ health crisis. We all need to point the finger at ourselves and as a community begin collectively setting aside the funding for such programs (as described above) so that our children can learn, practice, and live these much needed health skills first at school and then at home, thereby teaching their families by example. Our most honorable reward is seeing our youth reach their highest potential and exponentially furthering our planets highest efforts of good health, unity, peace, and purpose.



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