Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga

Class Description: 
In this class all aspects of pregnancy are covered including yoga postures specifically tailored for strength, balance, and renewal in a rapidly changing body.  Yogic breathing techniques are included in preparation for labor and delivery. Simple meditations and inspiring reflections on ancient and modern ways of birthing and mothering are shared for increased confidence.  Moms are encouraged and supported in building enriching community that they can connect with on and off the mat.

You will experience both kundalini and hatha yoga, along with  traditional forms of  movement (beneficial for pregnancy) from Keya’s eclectic background. Each class is designed to mentally stretch you beyond what you think you are capable of.

These practices inspires a calm space within the “chaos,” and are invaluable tools for managing labor contractions.

Workshops331x301V2Keya’s signature prenatal sequences include yoga therapeutics that stabilize the joints, stretch the muscles, and encourage the balance of root and rise throughout the body, mind and spirit.

Keya teaches 6 prenatal/postnatal group yoga classes per week at various locations in Culver City & West Los Angeles.  She is also available for private lessons for individual and couples!

Please click here her full pregnancy yoga schedule!

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